Conference Program

EHB 2013 Conference Programme at a Glance - Download

Wednesday, November 20-th, 2013

1900 – Welcome cocktail – Traian Restaurant,  The Union Square (Piata Unirii)

Thursday, November 21-st, 2013

800 – 900  Participants registration

900 – 1045  Conference opening  and invited plenary lectures (I), ‘Emil Palade’ Auditorium (Room A): prof. N. Pallikarakis, Mr. Steli Loznen

1045 – 1100  Coffee break

1100 – 1330  Dedicated Session: Biosignal processing  (Room A) Download

1130 – 1315  Dedicated Session: Hospital information systems, Medical records, Healthcare networks, ‘Petrovanu’ Hall - Anatomy Building  (Room B) Download

1330 – 1530  Lunch break; Traian restaurant

1530 – 1800  Dedicated Sessions:

(1) e/m/p-Health, Telemedicine, Wearable systems, ‘Mihai Duca’ Hall – between Anatomy Building  and University main building (Room D) Download

(2) Medical devices, Measurements, Instrumentation, Medical Physics (I) (Room B – ‘Anatomy’ Hall)  Download 

1900 Social program

Friday, November 22-nd, 2013

830 – 1000  Dedicated  Poster Session

1000 – 1100  Invited plenary lectures (II) (Room A): prof. A. Morega, prof. R. Rangayyan

1100 – 1115  Coffee break

1115 – 1330 Dedicated Session: Medical devices, Measurements, Instrumentation, Medical Physics (II) (Room A) Download

1130 – 1315 Dedicated Session: Decision support systems, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Bioinformatics  (Room B) Download

1330 – 1530  Lunch break; Traian restaurant

1530 – 1800 Dedicated Sessions:

(1) Biomaterials and Biotechnologies (Room A) Download

(2) Medical imaging and image processing (I) (Room B – ‘Anatomy’ Hall) Download

(3) Bioengineering in dental and oral health, Faculty of Medical Bioengineering, M. Kogalniceanu str.9-13, Room P7 (ground floor) Download

1900 –  Gala dinner – Traian restaurant

Saturday, November 23-rd, 2013

900 – 1030 Dedicated session: Medical imaging and image processing (II) (Room A) Download

800 – 1000  Dedicated session: Biomechanics (‘Anatomy’ Hall - Room B) Download 

800 – 1030 Dedicated session:  Modeling, Simulation  (‘Anatomy’ small Hall - Room C) Download

1030 – 1100  Invited plenary lectures (III) (Room A): assoc. prof. A. Barbu

1100 – 1115  Coffee break

1115 – 1300  Dedicated session: Teaching, e-Learning, Management in Health Care (Room A) Download

1115 – 1300  Dedicated session: Medicine and Informatics (‘Anatomy’ small Hall - Room C) Download

1300 –  Conference closing. Award ceremony (Room A)

1330 –  Annual meeting of the IEEE-EMB Romanian Chapter

(Room A)

This program includes both orally and poster presented papers.

Due to the large number of papers submitted to EHB 2013 as oral presentations, the International Scientific Committee has decided to include a part of them in the poster section.

The participants with oral presentations are kindly asked to prepare a 10-12 minutes presentation of their papers, by means of MS PowerPoint. Other 3-5 minutes are assigned to discussions for each orally presented paper.

The participants with poster presentations are kindly asked to prepare an A1 or A0 format poster, with a header provided by organizers Download MS Word Template (A1 - 594 x 841 mm or A0 - 841 x 1189 mm)


Modern methods of learning in dental medicine

Moderator: Prof. Norina Consuela FORNA

About workshop:
The purpose of this workshop is to individualize the opportunity to use top technologies such as 3D-DentSim simulation system and 3D Robodent navigation system in oral implantology, both devices having a considerable impact on dental medical practice.

In the didactic process, the simulation plays an essential role, being employed as the first step in learning practical maneuvers and allowing the cultivation of practical abilities for each clinical entity of dental medicine. The complexity of the simulation includes developing stages beginning with the preparation of the arcade on the mannequin-systems and proceeding with the computer assisted simulation itself, the high quality of the equipment producing the exact maneuver and preparing the required ideal forms.

The use of 3D-DentSim simulation systems makes possible the creation of high precision restorations and the development of backups preserving maximum exigency approaches.

Oral implantology, a challenging domain of dental medicine, brings together methods and techniques characterized by a high level of complexity, which have a profound impact on the clinical outcome. The formative aspects in this field can be materialized through the latest surgical techniques of distance transmission in nowadays oral implantology.

These techniques are used to address the social cases that offer in a spectacular way the chance of full reestablishment of the lost functions caused by edentation.

The special impact of the introduction of these techniques is reflected in the practitioners’ capacity to successfully approach at any moment unexpected situations that appear in everyday practice by acquiring practical abilities that allow quick and efficient technical interventions, which form the basis of the therapeutic success in any clinical situation. The contribution of the robot–based high-technologies to the clinical result is spectacular, offering both precision and a reduction of the failure rates in dental medicine.



Other Events at EHB 2013 Conference will be available soon.

When does the EHB 2013 conference officially begin and end?

The conference begins at 9:00am on Thursday, November 21, 2013 and concludes at 5pm on Saturday, October 23, 2013. On-site conference check-in and registration commences around 8 am on Thursday.

Format of Presentations

Paper sessions will consist of five to seven presentations in each session. The session will be divided equally between the presenters.
Each presenter will be expected to have the presentation slides in Microsoft Power Point saved in CD or USB.
The following resources will be available for presentations: flipcharts, laptops, projectors and screens.

EHB 2013 Conference  invites submissions for workshops on all topics of potential interest to the conference attendees.

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